The bridge to board level performance

The AgriFood Executive Global Programme (AEGP) is a world-class development programme for future world-leading business executives and leaders in the global AgriFood industry. Its aim is to strengthen future executives in AgriFood industry and institutions to develop themselves and their business in a global context.

The programme is delivered in four modules of one week and will be completed within one year.

The AgriFood industry is a sector of global dynamics. The programme lays-out a journey through four continents: Europe, North America, South America and Asia. This way it provides the unique opportunity to experience and explore all true characteristics of the industry in real life cases and situations.

The programme is focussed on exploring the entire AgriFood value chain: from preproduction to final consumption, or rather from farm to fork. Special attention is given to understanding the underlying systems of interacting networks.

The global field of AgriFood an overview of 1000+ employees companies in the AgriFood industry

The AgriFood industry fulfils an essential role in feeding humanity. The challenges are immense: growing populations, urbanisation, climate change, resource depletion, obligations to meet enhanced transparency in food safety and origin, the necessity of a smaller global food print, and insufficient availability of healthy food in situations of scarcity and abundance. To comply with these ramping challenges a deeper understanding of the complex and rapidly changing environment is needed. The pressing situation urges for transformation of leadership into stewardship, from traditional industry structures into boundary-breaking business models, from a stand-alone approach towards working in collaborative networks, and from highly efficient production technologies to cutting-edge biotech driven solutions.

In 2015 the Agrifood sector had globally a total turnover of $6.000 billion, 6.5% of all GDP world-wide (CIA world factbook; WTO; Orbis)

The idea for this Agrifood Executive Global Program was born in the Netherlands at the moment the Netherlands became the world’s second biggest food exporter. Based on a history of innovation, craftmanship and entrepeneurship, the Netherlands developed itself into a leading global businesscenter in the Agrifood. For more background, please see this link below which leads to the film that was acknowledged by National Geographic aswell as by the World Economic Forum this year.


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